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Next CS:GO Pro’s generation
Next CS:GO Pro’s generation
Everyone was shocked when "m0NESY", at 16, joined one of the strongest teams in the world. It was a well-considered decision of the team and the organization because Ilya quickly adapted to the game, felt comfortable, and showed good results. Today you will learn about the same young talents, in a couple of years, we will see them in the professional arena. One of the experienced players told about young stars. They have an excellent chance to get into the champion CS:GO league.
MOUZ hired another CS:GO newbie
MOUZ coach "sycrone" explained the reasons for switching "Bymas" with "xertioN". The club did not want to lose their talented pupils and took the risk of taking him to the main squad. Sycrone said that "xertioN" Berman had been promoted due to the highly successful CS:GO, academy team.